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Hairbrained – Red Carpet Looks Set Trends at AMAs by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

n our industry we look at several sources to determine what will be new on the horizon. We watch magazines, we check out the runways at fashion week and we look for articles on the internet. However, there’s one thing we can count on as a predictor and that’s the looks that we see on the red carpets of Hollywood.

Music award shows, in particular, are always a great place to search out cutting edge styles and prepare yourself for what’s next. These incredible shows set the trends for beauty, fashion and hair. This, my friends, is exactly what we saw at the 2016 American Music Awards.

The red carpet was spotlight ready and it was full steam ahead with a menagerie of new styles and fantastic looks. There were definitely some standouts walking the red carpet this year. One thing for sure, I noticed hairstylist are positively tapping into their artistic side.

Singer Z LaLa, who can sing in 19 languages, reflected her diversity and uniqueness with her style. She was an absolute piece of ART! She looked amazingly beautiful and classy as well which can be hard to pull off when you are trying out something that’s not been worn before.

Pony tails aren’t going anywhere, either. There were high ponytails like we saw entertainer, Ariana Grande wearing so exquisitely. Salena Gomez also selected to wear a ponytail that she wore very elegantly with her gorgeous red gown. This look really showed off her beauty and refined her look.

We also saw tightly slicked back ponytails that were pulled away from the face sitting neither high nor low, but directly in the of the middle of her head. Heidi Kum sported this look like the pro that she is. Likewise, there were also ponytails with soft fringes left out to frame the face like what we saw Ciara wearing so well.

Country music star, Cam, never disappoints. She always embraces her stunning curls and I love it! We also saw Keke Palmer showing that short hair isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! And, did you check out Bella Thorne? How fun! She totally rocked the red hair with green ends.

Like I have been saying all year, it’s a time when anything goes at any age. This opens so many doors and allows for a great deal of creativity. If you noticed, Laura Marano had a similar, yet different, look from Bella Thorne. She selected different colors going with a striking natural brown that she complimented with blonde ends.

Julianne Hough had much longer hair than we’ve seen her wear in previous years. She stayed with the lovely blonde that we are used to seeing her in but also had shadow roots that really brought out her eyes.

Bangs never seem to go out of style and they are very popular again this year. At the American Music Awards we saw them worn at various lengths and styles by some of our favorites like Olivia Munn and Milla Jovovich. If you like bangs, I recommend that you consult with your stylist to determine the best length and style that will compliment your facial structure.

Color is all over the map from very subtle baby lights to natural tone on tone. Shadow roots are a big trend this season as well! All the looks are sharp, fun, and allow for versatility.

I also adored how some of the stars went out on a limb making dramatic changes to their looks. Talk about being in tune with the rockin’ theme of the evening, Halsey’s buzzed hair was strutted perfectly! She showed everyone that you can be beautiful with hair or without it. The Weekend also paraded an up-to-the-minute new look as did Justin Beiber. Both looked current, contemporary and ready for anything.