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Hairbrained – Make It A Great Hair New Year by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

When it comes to making a New Year’s resolution, one thing is for sure, selecting something positive is first and foremost.  This year, consider developing a new hair life.  Just think of how great you feel when your hair looks amazing. Wouldn’t it be great to have that feeling every day? With just a little work, and a bit of discipline, now is the opportunity to make this happen.

First, commit to climbing out of that hair rut! You may have a routine that you’ve developed. Perhaps you purchase the same products over and over or you have worn the same style for many years. Talk to your stylist and evaluate the condition and look of your hair. Even if your hair looks great, there are always ways to take it to the next level. Seek advice and then, act on it. This is a talk that you should put on the schedule with your stylist at least bi-annually.

Next, make sure to place a clarifying treatment on your monthly calendar. A good clarifying treatment will remove product and environmental residue that is on the hair. Removing the build-up will make the hair extra clean and fresh. There are several shampoos on the market designed to do this, but an easy favorite is a baking soda and water mixture.  It works terrific and it’s perfect for those on a budget.

Right along with a clarifying treatment is a deep conditioning treatment. This is a weekly duty. Deep conditioning treatments serve to rejuvenate the hair and assist with repairing damage that may stem from over styling or environmental factors. There are several great products on the market that work well for this purpose.

The general cleaning of the hair should be approached properly as well. Make sure your daily cleansing and conditioning products include biotin and the B vitamins. This will ensure hair strength and health. I recommend the By Gina BioGen Complex line that is like a multi-vitamin for the hair. Remember, this is a product that you are applying to your hair regularly and it needs to be top of the line. Good products promote scalp health and without a healthy scalp, the hair cannot thrive and look its best.

When it comes to a healthy scalp, commit to massaging your scalp 5-10 minutes per day. This will generate blood flow to the scalp which ensures healthy hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

Now, let’s talk styling during 2019. It’s important to remember that higher heat is not always better. As a matter of fact, with a quality tool, high heat is rarely required. Commit to turning down the heat a bit. Equally impactful, make sure to use tools with multiple heat settings. Also, when using a blow dryer, keep in mind that general drying should take place about 8-10 inches from the hair, while styling should occur at about 5-6 inches.  If you really want to get the most out of your styling, tools with smart infrared technology is the way to go. This is the equivalent of giving a spa treatment to your hair while styling it. I recommend the By Gina line if you are truly committed to a great hair regime.

Now, I know you may think it will be too much trouble to adopt all of these changes successfully. Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Start with a few tasks. You’ll be amazed at how comfortable you will become once you develop a good routine. Even more important, once you begin experiencing the benefits, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

Wishing you a wonderful hair life in 2019!


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