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Hairbrained – Hair Loss Can Be Harmless by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

I had a friend call me up the other day that was extremely upset because she was starting to lose more hair than normal. While this can be very unnerving, it’s not that uncommon and there are a variety of ways to address the situation.

Hair loss can occur for several reasons and it’s important to try to determine the cause. Often when a person undergoes changes to medication due to a surgery or a medical condition, the change can have an effect on the hair.

Consulting with a physician is one of the items that should be on your calendar when experiencing large amounts of hair loss. This will assist you with eliminating the factors that do not affect hair loss. Alternatively, it will also be easier to narrow the influencing causes. Items that may play a role in hair loss include pregnancy and stress. Fortunately, these are items that can often be addressed through proper supplements and modifications to daily behaviors.

From the perspective of a stylist that has spent many years behind the chair, I have witnessed several clients that have had their hair replenish itself after experiencing its loss. Meaning, the vast majority of the time,  hair loss is temporary.

To ensure hair health, make sure to include vitamins and nutrients in your diet that will support hair growth. Be aware of items such a Biotin that metabolizes the skin and stimulates blood flow. The by-Gina product wetline, Biogen Complex, was designed with this specifically in mind.

Also, take time to stimulate the scalp by massaging it. This is easy to do when relaxing at home in front of the TV. The action of massaging will generate blood flow to the area which can increase hair growth.

Infrared Technology, also known as red light therapy, is known to invigorate hair growth as well. The by-Gina styling tools line is well recognized for having this unique feature. These tools have the ability to dry and style while simultaneously improving the blood flow needed to promote hair health. This is equally true for both men and women.

Make sure to be mindful of how much tension is being placed on the hair when styling. Too much strain can take a toll on the individual strands of hair which serves as a repellent for growth.

If the hair is just naturally thinning, due to age or other factors, keep in mind that there are always other options that can be explored. Hair extensions have experienced tremendous popularity in recent years. Wigs and hair pieces are also terrific ways to create the illusion of having more hair. Additionally, trying different looks that change frequently can be a lot of fun.

Most important, keep your chin up, you have options!