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Hairbrained – Golden Globes Glam Works for Clients by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Most of you know that I always watch the red-carpet events for inspiration. Some years the looks have been overly elegant or more geared for the runway rather than the request we often get during a regular work day at the salon. However, this year the Golden Globes offered us some great looks that can be easily duplicated allowing your clients their normal sense of style.

Let’s start with color. The reds that we saw were absolutely beautiful, many of them deep, rich and not too over the top. Barbara Meier, Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone and Debra Messing all were good examples of colors that could be recommended to clients seeking a new shade.

Right along with the reds, were the darker tones. I always love the dark colors because it’s so easy to emphasize great shine. What client doesn’t want that? Simone Johnson, Mandy Moore, Kendall Jenner and Oprah Winfrey all looked amazing with their dark hair shimmering. There are some great shine products on the market that can be utilized by clients who want to achieve this look.

If a client has the desire for an even warmer look, there were several deep chestnut winter browns being worn at the Globes that could be utilized as an option. Both Emma Watson and Ashley Judd certainly warmed up the room with their brown tresses.

Since we are talking color, blondes were very natural though we are still seeing some platinums. The blondes we saw, such as Reese Witherspoon, had a very authentic and subtle feel which works well in the salon and can easily be combined with styles such as beach waves and bobs that are worn on a daily basis.

Speaking of cuts, pixies are still popular just as we’re seeing in the mainstream salon. One thing that can be suggested to clients is to add some accessories to their pixie much like Kate Hudson did with her headband.

The standard shag, as we saw worn by Shirley McClain, also snuck into the evening. Again, a great look that can be worn at many lengths making it a versatile cut that can be sported by a wide array of clients.

Natural curl can never be overlooked and it certainly was present at the Globes. Many clients try to battle their curls, however, when stars such as James Franco and Viola Davis are embracing them, it’s hard not to suggest it!

Time to get back to the salon. Thanks to the Golden Globes, I have a lot of new suggestions for clients. I hope you do as well!