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Hairbrained: Glamour at the Golden Globes by Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

When it comes to the red carpet, the Golden Globes is certainly an event that kicks off the season with pizzazz. From starlets to our favorite Hollywood hunks, this year’s event did not disappoint.

Vintage seemed to be prevalent and who better to display it than Lady Gaga. She took a classic and beautiful hair style, reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and mixed it with a modern blue pastel color that updated the look as only Lady Gaga can. This surely indicates that pastels are still trending and can be worn with ease. Of course, Lady Gaga is gifted with being able to pull off any color in a stunning manner.

When it comes to our male attendees, long hair seemed to be every place this season. Let’s consider Jeff Bridges. He wore his hair longer, similar to lengths that were frequently seen in the 70’s. He strutted it beautifully, in a stylish manner, finishing the look with his beard. Michael Douglass also stepped out wearing his hair longer than what we have seen in the past. This was a great look on Douglass, fuller and youthful. The showing of longer hair on the red carpet could mean that it will be resurfacing as a dominant factor for men in the upcoming months.

Sandra Oh looked incredible with her hair styled in a look that reminded us of the 1940’s starlets. To create the look she combined a deep side part with soft waves resulting in a striking look that complimented her features perfectly.

Speaking of parts, we are witnessing many versions of them on the red carpet. Middle parts were seen worn by actor Christian Bales wife, Sibi Blazic, and Mary Poppin’s star, Emily Blunt. There were also side parts that played terrific roles for actresses, Camilla Bell and Charlize Theron. Bell parted her hair a bit deeper to the side, while Theron wore her part more naturally on the side aligning with her classic Bob cut. Off center parts are a great way to create a natural look as well, as we saw with the eye catching Emma Stone.

Accessories are always gorgeous on the red carpet and will have a place for years to come. Some accessories are subtle like the beautiful side piece that Black Panther’s actress Danai Gurira wore. Others were a bit bolder as we saw with Janel Monae. She wore a leather gold couch crown from Chanel’s 2019 pre-fall collection that was equally stunning.

Take ten for now Golden Globes, we loved what we saw and can’t wait until the Oscars.

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