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Hairbrained: Find the Right Gift by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Dashing through the snow brings many visions of pleasure, however, for some, dashing through the snow can mean heading out into the elements to find the perfect gift. If you’re looking for a great gift consider a styling tool. After all, almost everyone styles their hair to some degree, be it; blow drying, curling or straightening. However, how do you select the right tool?

While a styling tool can fill the gift requirements of being both practical and fun, there’s several factors you should keep in mind when selecting the right tool. First and foremost, it’s important that a tool includes some basic functions which makes its use easy. One thing that contributes to ease of use is a swivel cord. A swivel cord makes it comfortable to hold the tool at different angles as well as prevents the cord from kinking and ultimately, shorting out from over kinking. The tools are also light weight and easy to handle.

Besides the practicalities, there are other things to keep in mind. For the gal on the go, the Excel Styler ( is terrific. Not only does the entire Gina professional tool line include the items mentioned above, the Excel Styler is a three in one tool. It can be used as a styling brush, a straightener, and a curling iron. It’s the perfect item to keep in a gym bag or to send a student off to college with. This is definitely a versatile tool. It can style third, or fourth, day hair as easy as it can create beach waves.

Even better, it’s made with infrared nano-smart technology. This is a big deal because infrared technology distributes heat evenly on the hair follicle. Most tools in the marketplace heat the hair unevenly meaning “hot spots” are created on the hair strands. Hot spots result in dry brittle hair that breaks easily from being over heated in a specific area. Infrared serves to lock the moisture into the hair rather than pulling it out. Basically, the hair is being conditioned as it’s being styled.

Flatirons and curling irons are also fantastic gifts this season. By Gina carries both tools, also inclusive of infrared technology. A unique feature to the entire line is the wide variety of heat settings available on the tools. Often tools are designed with limited settings such as “high” or “low”. Gina’s tools offer the opportunity to set them at a specific degree of heat. Contrary to popular belief, a high level of heat is rarely needed. Even more important, tools should never be used at a high heat setting if the hair is thin, fine, breaking, or heavily processed. Having the ability to set the tool at a specific heat allows the user to have a much greater degree of control over how their hair will look in the long run.

The blow dryer is another unique item in the line. With ion and infrared technology, it’s a difficult product to beat. Ion technology consists of negative ions that break up water molecules. This means that the hair dries must faster. How fast? The products have been proven in tests to cut the drying time in half. This means the hair looks smoother, less frizzy and the shine is enhanced.

Now that you know, go ahead and kick off your snow boots. There’s no need to rush into the elements in search of the perfect gift. Place your order today at and snuggle up with some cider while you wait for the gifts to be delivered.

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