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Hairbrained – Creativity Key for Holiday Hair by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Okay, so we all know how the salon is buzzing this time of year. As a stylist we have a lot of clients that are getting ready for parties, planning a special event or preparing for a holiday getaway. Either way, the pressure is on to be at the top of our professional game.

Sometimes it can be extremely challenging because a client may request a different style from what they normally wear, however, they may have no idea what they want. So, the question becomes, how do you help a client to focus their look?

As we all know, magazines are a great tool for this. Over and over, the red carpets of Hollywood provide a perfect runway for updos and beautiful looks that are not worn every day. I like to take inventory of the styles that adorn these events and then use them as options when working with clients.

Maybe your client typically wears a style with very clean cut lines. You may want to suggest a more asymmetrical look like a soft textured bob with the lengths cut differently on each side. This is a style that remains in the forefront because of its versatility. It’s classic and can be worn with almost anything and for almost any event.

Some of your clients may have long hair which they don’t want to cut. Under this circumstance you may need to explore additional options. You will most likely need to be more imaginative to come up with a distinct look. However, never fear, because this can still be accomplished.

For example, you could comb all of the hair to one side and pin it back with a clip. There are so many gorgeous hair accessories on the market today and, if selected correctly, an accessory can work to tie a client’s entire look together.

You could also recommend a clean fresh look like an over emphasized side part that is held with a strong hold hairspray. This keeps the hair away from the face creating a beautiful sophisticated look.

Now maybe your client is requesting a radical change that will bring some dazzle to their look. Shaving a portion of the head can be a very popular choice. There are so many fun styles now that utilize shaving.  A portion of the hair can be left longer either falling naturally or spiked with product. These are such neat looks to design, however, make sure to get your client’s buy in for this one, especially if they have never shaved their head before.

Updos are always on the scene during the holiday season as well. For clients that have naturally curly hair, you can recommend pulling up a portion of their hair while leaving some pieces to dangle loosely. This is always popular because it’s so soft and sexy.

Maybe you have clients that wear bangs or they would like their hair cut to have bangs. This is a perfect way to frame the face. Additionally, with texture being so popular this season, there are several ways to cut bangs to create multiple looks and feels.

Color is another option. Right now utilizing opposing colors is trending. For example, some stylist are selecting to use a very dark color on one section of hair while placing a very light color on another section of hair. This works wonderfully if your goal is to create dimension. It’s a striking look that contributes to depth and texture.

Curling wands and irons are also your friends when it comes to creating different lengths, types of waves, curls or even finger waves. It really depends what avenue you’re selecting to go down when designing your style. Likewise, braids and twist can work in the same way. An old style can take on a whole new identity when you work in these items.

Most important, don’t forget to ask your client a lot of questions. Make it a partnership where you’re working with the client to create the final product. Remember, after the holidays are over, you are going to want them to return for the rest of the year so be patient and give it your best.