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Hairbrained – Converting Your Clients from Cheap to Chic! by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

We have all had those clients.  You know the ones I mean. The ones that refuse to use high quality products no matter how many times you recommend it. Every hairdresser has a client in their book who buys the cheapest shampoo on the grocery store shelf all while complaining about the health of their hair. Ironically, this conversation typically occurs while they are requesting their next appointment for a perm or color.

So, how do you convince this client to invest in a treatment or product though it may cost a few more dollars? Here’s what I recommend:

  • Prepare a one page information sheet on the products that you provide describing what each item is good for. Often when a client reads about the benefits of a product they will internalize it more than when you just tell them.
  • Add a bonus product to incentivize the client.  One way to do this is to bundle two products together at a reduced price or to offer a small complimentary sample size trial product along with the primary product they’re purchasing.
  • Have the product available in your salon so that the client can leave with it in hand rather than being required to go to a beauty supply store to purchase it. Convenience is often key when it comes to getting someone to use products, especially if they have a particularly busy lifestyle.
  • Make sure you give the client clear instructions on how to use the product to obtain the best benefits.  This makes it easy for them and they are more likely to feel comfortable using the product on their own.
  • Volunteer information on the product. For example, tell them how long it will be before they see results as well as what results they can anticipate seeing.
  • Offer brands to your client that you have a strong knowledge of and feel confident in. Basically, don’t take a chance and try something new with someone who is already apprehensive about investing in good products.
  • Follow up with clients to ensure they are happy with the product you have recommended. And, very important, make sure you provide a refund if the client is unhappy with the results they have achieved with the product. This shows that you really care and will build trust with the client in the long run.

Remember, change can be challenging for some people so be patient because with just a little bit of encouragement that difficult client may become your best customer!