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Hairbrained – Bobs and Shags are Far From History by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

We have often heard that history repeats itself. While this may not be true with all things, history certainly seems to repeat itself when it comes to hair.

In the hair industry, looks seem to go out of style as soon as they arrive. Then, after just a short time on the scene, it’s on to another style. Such is they cycle. Beauty and hair have always been a furiously fast moving industry.

However, there have been a few select champion styles that never seem to leave the runways or the everyday salons. In this category, I would have to say that our heavyweight champ is the Bob.

The Bob rules because of its versatility. There are so many variations of the Bob. There’s the Bob with length and the layered Bob. How about the choppy and blunt Bobs? And, how can we forget the A line and the stacked Bobs?

With that said, I can definitely say if the Bob is the Heavy Weight Champ, another winner in the ring is the Shag.

The Shag is definitely going to be trending again this year. As a little girl I remember my Dad cutting my Mother’s hair into a Shag. This was the groovy 70’s and little did I know that 40 years later I would be behind the chair cutting the Shag myself.

Like the Bob there are many different variations of the Shag for both men and women. Shags are great for clients who want to add some texture and movement to their hair. It’s also perfect for those that want to keep length and have a great style.

Likewise, the shag is perfect for all lengths of hair from short to medium. But, guess what? The Shag also works for a variety of textures including curly, straight, thick or coarse hair.

And, talk about a versatile look? You can style a shag in so many different ways that wearing it can be really fun. It’s like having a new look each day.

You can wear it straight or add a little product and bring out your natural wave or curl. For those with medium to long shags, the hair can be pulled back if needed. You can also soften a pulled back shag by allowing some of the face framing pieces to hang lose.