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Hairbrained – A Season of Gratitude by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

As a Salon Professionals and business owner, we each have plenty of reasons to be thankful. And, the Thanksgiving season is the perfect opportunity to express this thankfulness to the people who have helped us to be successful in our businesses.

While I truly believe in being thankful on a daily basis, I also think that this is the perfect time of year for reflecting on those who have had a positive impact on you, and have contributed to you making positive strides professionally. I am also certain that staying positive, motivated, and productive is directly related to being thankful

For me, I like to begin by considering all of those that I need to express my gratitude towards. Then, I determine the manner in which I will express this. Now, let me be clear, don’t feel like you have to go out and purchase a lot of gifts if you’re on a budget. Verbal expression can go a long way towards investing in a relationship as long as it’s a sincere expression. I always recommend thanking people face to face if possible.

If you would like to go a bit farther, thank you notes and cards are a terrific way to say thank you. You may want to recognize clients, co workers, or close friends. Just remember, handwritten, personalized, thank you notes are much more engaging and authentic for your customers and others that you need to thank. I tend to avoid a form email message or a card that is printed with my signature.

If the budget allows, you may want to consider recognizing your client’s support with a discount on a future service, or even, a sample size product along with a thank you note.

Make sure to also include a gratitude message on your social media platforms. Many people are so busy that you may not see them over the holiday season. Consider posting a personal video of yourself where you thank clients as well as those who have played an important role in your business. Again, make sure that whatever you say is heartfelt and sincere.

Don’t forget those who have mentored you as well. This could be professionally, academically, or through providing encouragement. These individuals have been key up until now and remembering them will surely be key as you continue to move forward.

Prioritizing thankfulness on a regular basis is the right thing to do. If you do it regularly, it will boost your business in ways you could never imagine.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all of you who have supported me, and the growth of Phenix Salon Suites, and my career. It has been pivotal in my life as well as in the life of others who I have been blessed to touch. I wish you a wonderful holiday filled with gratitude.

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