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Hairbrained – A Healthy Stylist is a Happy Stylist by Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

The holidays are once again upon us and the hustle and bustle is about to begin. It’s easy this time of year to get so caught up with shopping, decorating and attending events that we fail to take care of ourselves. Much of the time we are mixing this busy time with a full work load and the daily obligations of our families. It can be more than stressful and it’s very easy for our bodies to want to fight back. There are some simple things that I do to ensure that the holiday season remains not only joyful, but healthy.

I begin in the fall by my making sure that I have stocked the cupboards with vitamins. For me, I like a multi vitamin and I am particularly fond of Vitamin C because it works to keep me healthy. I also make sure to get as much rest as possible. All of these things are important to prevent yourself from getting run down and ultimately sick. Remember, a sick you is not good for anyone.

Drinking a lot of water is another simple but mandatory tip.  I know as a Salon Professional it’s easy to get consumed with our day. Time ticks by and before we know it the day is gone and we have consumed only one glass of water and maybe a snack if we’re lucky. Many of us get going and end up inhaling our lunch at 11:00 AM on a two minute break and, next thing you know, you look up and its 8:00 PM. By that time you’re completely dehydrated, tired and famished!

Planning the night prior to your work day is also key when it comes to good health at work. Prepare some snacks or meals to take with you the next day. Select some items that you can heat up at work and some small healthy snacks that you can easily munch on between clients if you have a small break. Fill your water bottle and put it in the refrigerator so that you can easily grab it along with your snacks in the morning. Make things accessible!

Equally important is giving yourself a 30 minute to one hour break sometime during your work day. This allows you to sit down eat and regroup. It also gives you a little bit of time to make any important business calls you need to make, check on your family and attend to personal items.  Trust me, this will pay off when 5:00 rolls around and you still need to have some energy left for the last couple hours of work remaining.

Comfortable shoes are also a must! When I was young I made shoe selections in the name of fashion. However, as became seasoned in the industry, I realized that selecting the right shoe is directly related to how well I can get through my day. This also has an effect on how well I can provide service to my clients. If you are set on a certain outfit that require a set pair of shoes, I recommend always keeping a very comfortable pair on hand just in case you need to change.  Remember, when your feet hurt, it can feel like your whole body hurts.

This time of year can be very rewarding if you are ready for it, so gear up, friends and have a wonderful holiday season!