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Brides: How to Make Your Hair & Make Up Last Through an Entire Winter Wedding with Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

After poring over dozens (ok hundreds…ok thousands) of inspiration photos on Pinterest, you’ve finally settled on the bridal hair and makeup look that will hit the trifecta: Look gorgeous in photos, complement your dress, and make you feel like your most beautiful you. Once you’ve selected your dream #lewk though, there’s one last (very important) thing to figure out: How to make your hair and makeup last through your entire winter wedding?

Unlike with summer weddings, you don’t have to deal with sweat and humidity messing with your glam. But even so, there are still plenty of external factors that could risk messing with your perfect coif, from snow to wind to just the general wear and tear of laughing/crying/dancing/kissing your way through your wedding day.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Here, beauty pros weigh in on how to make your hair and makeup last through your entire winter wedding—from that first step down the aisle right on to the honeymoon suite.

To make your makeup last all day:

Prep properly

“Make sure to cleanse and follow up with a gentle exfoliator,” says Gabriel De Santino, makeup artist and founder of Gabriel Cosmetics. “Then, use an oil-free moisturizer, which will provide a well hydrated, yet flake-free canvas.”

Peep the ingredients labels

“Look at the ingredients in your makeup,” urges celebrity makeup artist Mary Irwin. “You don’t want to mix a silicone-based primer with a water-based foundation or vice versa. Doing that will cause your foundation to separate or ball up on your skin. Instead, make sure that you’re using compatible ingredients (silicone with silicone, oil free with oil free, etc).”

Use the right tools

“Apply foundation with a brush or sponge to prevent oils from your fingers absorbing into your skin,” says De Santino. “To ensure longer lasting foundation, be sure to set the look with powder applied with a powder brush. In lieu of adding powder every time you appear shiny, blot with fiber-free tissue.”

Don’t skimp on primer

“Primer is the key to having makeup that lasts morning to night,” says De Santino. “It makes your color last longer and appear more vivid. An eye primer will also prevent shadows from creasing and a lip primer will keep your lipstick in place—no feathering!”

Set your foundation the right way

“For the longest wear, you want to use a powder puff, rather than a brush,” says Irwin of the right way to apply your base layer. “Take translucent powder and really work it into the puff. Fold the puff in half, so that it looks like a taco, and use that outer side to press and roll powder into the skin, making sure to spend extra time anywhere you’re concerned about makeup staying on (think anywhere you might normally get oily).”

Opt for the right eye products

Start with a shadow primer, and blend it with your fingers. “The heat from your hands will help to press it into the skin,” says Irwin, who’s a fan of the Heir Atelier Eye Primer. Then layer on a neutral color and opt for a waterproof cream shadow for extra staying power. Finish things off with a waterproof liner. “Try blending it into your lash line before you do your shadow,” says Irwin. “That’s an old artist trick—it gives the shadow something to stick to.”

Curl your lashes into place

“To help your mascara last all day, I recommend curling your lashes and layering the mascara, letting the mascara dry in between each layer,” says De Santino. For some extra staying power, try one of our favorite water-proof mascaras.

Select the right lipstick

The secret to keeping your lipstick on through all those kisses and glasses of champagne is all in the prep. “Whatever you do, don’t put them on top of lip balm. The oils in the balm will break it down and you’ll have a smudgy mess,” says Irwin. “What you want to do is put a heavy coat of lip balm on right at the beginning of doing your makeup. That way it has time to settle in and soften any dry, dead skin on the surface. If you’re seeing flaky bits, take an old toothbrush and put extra balm on it and brush your lips—this will get rid of anything on the surface. Plus, it plumps up the lips and increases circulation. Once your whole face is done and you’re ready for lip color, blot all the extra balm off.” She’s a big fan of long-wear formulas, and notes that she swears by Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, which she chose for her own kiss at the altar.

To make your hair last all day:

Embrace your natural style

“If you have natural curls, embrace them. There are many amazing wedding styles that require curls,” says hairstylist Gina Rivera. “Styles that focus on your gorgeous curls will serve to enhance and maintain your look, rather than work against you when it comes to longevity.”

Experiment ahead of time

In order to make sure things go smoothly the day of, book a test appointment with your stylist ahead of the event. “This will allow her to experiment with your veil or any accessories that may need to be placed in your hair,” says Rivera. “Remember, planning makes for perfect when it comes to maintaining a long-lasting style on your wedding day.”

Show up with day-two hair

“If you’re doing an updo, or if your hair tends to drop curls quickly, show up to your hair appointment with dirty hair,” says celebrity hairstylist Kendall Dorsey. “Day two hair adds some grit and texture to your hair, which helps it hold better. Just make sure not to over-condition when you wash the day before. And don’t worry—we all love dry shampoo, so you won’t look greasy on your big day.”

Over-style yourself

With all that posing for photos and getting down on the dance floor, your hair is bound to loosen up as your big day goes on, so start by styling it a little more than you normally would. “If you’re curling your hair, consider using a slightly smaller curling wand. As the day goes on, the hair will automatically begin to slightly fall and take on a more natural form,” says Rivera. “This is a perfect way to maintain your style all day.”

Don’t be afraid of hairspray

“It might seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of brides want to skip hairspray. I’m here to tell you NOT to do that,” says Dorsey. “You don’t have to use a hard-hat, sticky spray, but something with flexible, soft hold will ensure your hair stays in place all night.”

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