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Tip of the Week by Gina Rivera

Phenix Founder & Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera’s, Tip of the Week:

I always look forward to the Fall season, it’s a perfect time for me to evaluate my yearly goals and to assure they align with how I want to finish the year. Here’s some tips I recommend when establishing goals:

-Be specific about the goal you want to achieve. (For example, if your goal is to build cliental, identify a number of clients that you want to obtain.)

-Develop realistic steps to achieve the goal.  (Note: This is a good time to make adjustments that are preventing you from achieving your goal.)

– Work from a list of specific tasks that support realizing the goal.

-Develop a timeline for each task to be completed.

-Conduct a monthly progress check on your task list and adjust if needed.

-Utilize setbacks to motivate yourself.

-Continue to look for new opportunities that assist you with reaching your goal.