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Take Care of Your Clients, By Taking Care of Yourself, By Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder And Hair Expert

We all know what it’s like to chug along on fumes: not much fun. The added problem is that our clients also know when we’re exhausted, stressed and hungry. Our diminished condition almost certainly detracts from the work we do.
I want to talk for a moment about taking care of ourselves. I’m going to tear through some of the more obvious ways to do that: get enough sleep, exercise, eat right, don’t smoke, drink a lot of water and not much alcohol. Can’t cheat on these rules for very long without consequences.Gina _headshot_cropped
I want to suggest another rule, though, that is not so obvious, specifically for us as stylists. It is an ironic hazard of our profession, I think, that we spend so much time and attention focusing on making our clients beautiful, on making them feel good, that we sometimes neglect ourselves. We’re certainly not oblivious to our own appearance and happiness but these are probably not our focus. Our clients and our work matter so much that we sometimes overlook our own needs.
Ultimately, our clients look at themselves in the mirror and that’s what brings them back. We see their smiles and that is a terrific source of personal satisfaction. We also take a lot of pride in our art and craft. Our own appearance, though, also sets a tone that translates into value and reputation. That appearance not only affects the experience of our clients but also how we feel about ourselves.
I am not suggesting that our appearance is inadequate. Particularly at Phenix Salon Suites, the service and image are superior and we believe our Salon Professionals are as well. Nor am I suggesting that we get “all dolled up,” like we’re headed for the red carpet. I do know, though, that we feel better if we look great and feel healthy.
Try this: Take the time to do something more or different with your appearance some day this week. Step up your clothes or change your makeup. Buy a new pair of really comfortable yet fashionable work shoes that will make standing a lot easier on your body. Some of us already provide our clients with a hand massage while their color is processing, using the new Phenix Souffle salt rub and Glove hand lotion. Do that for yourself. Run a soothing hot bath after work and pamper yourself with these same products you so diligently pamper your clients with. Set aside 10 minutes a day to meditate. This is about elevating ourselves at work and at home which results in being happier and healthier overall.
Most of us spend a good bit of effort personalizing our Phenix suites, making them look great for our clients and ourselves, creating an experience. How about adding something special and new to your suite to provide a little attitude lift. We regularly make the effort to look great for our clients but why not focus on doing this for ourselves? Experiment with some of these methods the upcoming month and you will be surprised how good you feel.
As always, be open to change.