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420 S. Chambers Rd
Aurora,   Colorado  80017

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Phenix Salon professionals are living the dream of owning their own salon, so you can bet they're excited about their work and motivated to provide the best service available. And because your stylist works for herself, no one but you is telling her what to do. There are no tyrannical salon bosses ordering her to push a product or service.

On the Cutting Edge

Supported by the Phenix Salon family, your stylist has access to FREE professional training by our Phenix National Education Team. That's another reason stylists chose Phenix, so they stay current on the latest techniques. They also have access to a superior line of luscious hair colors through Phenix and an exclusive selection of Phenix hair and skin care products. And wait till you see the 2015 Phenix Hair Collection, created by our International Artistic Team of Phenix stylists. This is the place.

Salon Professionals

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Suite #101
Susan Dizon
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color, perm, balayage, ombre
Phone: 720-474-7761
Email: suecbcollege@yahoo.com
Suite #102
Deyamon McCarthy
Services/Specialties: Hair braiding, Ethnic hair
Phone: 720-447-9716
Email: wmccar7834c@yahoo.com
Suite #103
Dotsy Osborne
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color
Phone: 720-254-6344
Email: nolanbstudio@gmail.com
Suite #104
Solange Kalala
Services/Specialties: cut
Phone: 303-523-9560
Email: solkanla82@gmail.com
Suite #105
Leta Franklin
Services/Specialties: cut
Phone: 303-520-4448
Email: straightwizdit@gmail.com
Suite #106
Alexandra Putz, Alexis Linger, Mallory Good
Services/Specialties: cut ,manicures
Email: alexandra_nicole007@yahoo.com, maliboolov@gmail.com
Suite #107
Alexis Linger, Mallory Good, Alexandra Putz
Services/Specialties: cut ,manicures
Phone: 720-935-0756
Email: lexi.linger@yahoo.com
Suite #109
Carla Rezmovits
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color
Phone: 720-789-9195
Email: hairbycarlar@gmail.com
Suite #110
LaTay Mays
Services/Specialties: cut
Phone: 720-518-0246
Email: Latayhairnation@gmail.com
Suite #111
Justice White
Services/Specialties: cut
Phone: 720-366-0435
Email: justicestyles4u@yahoo.com
Suite #112
Jaclyn Teresi
Services/Specialties: manicures, pedicures
Phone: 720-810-0592
Email: jaxnails@outlook.com
Suite #113
Tina Jones
Phone: 303-875-7398
Email: facemodestudio@gmail.com
Suite #115
Ashlei Wyatt
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color
Phone: 720-980-4973
Email: ashlei_hurst21@yahoo.com
Suite #117
Thao Aragon- Kennon
Services/Specialties: waxing
Phone: 720-427-9983
Email: thao@beautifeyestudio.com
Suite #118
Fairy Hanley
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color
Phone: 303-751-7342
Email: FL2Stylist@gmail.com
Suite #119
Nicole Wilson
Services/Specialties: cut
Phone: 303-359-7021
Email: nicolewilson832@gmail.com
Suite #122
Rose Kim
Phone: 720-288-3885
Email: rosemkim77@yahoo.com
Suite #123
Denicia Greene & Tympest Henley
Services/Specialties: cut ,
Email: salonventures@yahoo.com
Suite #125
Jasmine Booji
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color, Hair extensions, relaxer, Ethnic hair
Phone: 720-507-8813
Email: support@boojihair.com
Suite #128
Callie Johnson
Services/Specialties: cut, style, Hair braiding, Ethnic hair, Keratin Treatments
Phone: 720-365-9436
Email: calliej687@gmail.com
Suite #130
Jazzelle Hudson-Washington
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color
Phone: 720-620-6994
Email: jazzyhair24@gmail.com
Suite #131
Monte Campbell & Monique Jamieson
Services/Specialties: cut ,
Phone: 316-803-5339
Email: Campbell.Monte@yahoo.com
Suite #133
Schantel Campbell
Services/Specialties: cut
Phone: 720-951-4489
Email: campbellshantel@gmail.com