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Yorkdale Shoppes

6819 York Avenue South
Edina,   Minnesota  55435

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We are now open at our fabulous Edina location! Yorkdale Shoppes is located across from the Southdale Mall on York Avenue, in a high volume shopping center that includes Cub Foods, Caribou Coffee and Chipotle, and right next door is National Salon Resources. This provides a great opportunity to build your business in all newly-constructed, private suites with all the amenities! You and your clients will enjoy lots of convenient parking near your salon. Before or after their appointments your clients can visit several popular businesses in the same shopping center or at the Southdale or Galleria Shopping Centers. This is a fantastic opportunity to join the "Phenix Family" and build your business with your own private, uniquely decorated suite. For more information call 612-743-3410.

Salon Professionals

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Suite #101
Shelley Hayes
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color, perm, Hair extensions, Special occasion, Corrective color, Ethnic hair, balayage, ombre
Phone: 763-355-7948
Email: shelley.m.salon@gmail.com
Suite #102
Zilya Tres
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color, Hair extensions, Special occasion, relaxer, Corrective color, balayage, ombre
Phone: 612-922-4444
Email: None Provided
Suite #103
Elena Dementieva
Phone: 612-226-4718
Email: elenadement@yahoo.com
Suite #103
Julia Priborkin
Phone: 651-235-8183
Email: juliaprib@yahoo.com
Suite #104
Elena Khazatsky
Phone: 612-616-9816
Email: elena.khazatsky@comcast.net
Suite #105
Jeri Shofner
Phone: 7632296042
Email: None Provided
Suite #105
Renee Hassler
Phone: 6122477169
Email: None Provided
Suite #106
Elham Khoshbin
Services/Specialties: ,
Phone: 612-532-5891
Email: None Provided
Suite #107 & 110
Linda Ott
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color, perm, Corrective color, Hair braiding
Phone: 612-245-9225
Email: None Provided
Suite #107 & 110
Dennis Senn
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color, perm, Special occasion, Corrective color, ombre ,waxing
Phone: 6125327871
Email: dennissenn1221@gmail.com
Suite #107 & 110
Melissa Hanson
Phone: 612-978-0474
Email: None Provided
Suite #108
Cristina Dahn
Services/Specialties: cut
Phone: 952-454-2691
Email: None Provided
Suite #108
Hannah Jones
Services/Specialties: cut
Phone: 763-732-9594
Email: None Provided
Suite #109
Cindy Hiner
Services/Specialties: Fractional Dermabrasion, Chemical Free Skin Care
Phone: 6517022688
Email: cindyhiner30@gmail.com
Suite #111
Krystal Johnson - The Gift of Beauty Salon
Services/Specialties: Hair braiding
Phone: 612-819-5492
Email: thegiftofbeautysalon@gmail.com
Suite #111
Robin Thomas - The Gift of Beauty Salon
Services/Specialties: Hair braiding
Phone: 612-819-5492
Email: robint2020@comcast.net
Suite #112
Justin Link
Phone: 612-910-0861
Email: None Provided
Suite #113
Mathis Dunn
Phone: 612-702-3413
Email: None Provided
Suite #114
Mimi's Organic Skin Care
Services/Specialties: facials, Chemical Peel, Body Wraps, waxing, acne, Essential Oils Therapy, Chemical Free Skin Care ,swedish, Deep Tissue, reflexology, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Trigger Point Therapy ,
Phone: 651-285-6930
Email: None Provided
Suite #114
Trisha Nguyen
Services/Specialties: ,Permanent Makeup
Phone: 6122056678
Email: trisha89mn@gmail.com
Suite #115
Galina Mishelevich
Phone: 952-212-4293
Email: None Provided
Suite #116
Dana McGill
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color, Hair extensions, Corrective color, balayage, ombre, Brazilian Treatments ,Eyelash Extensions
Phone: 6126161613
Email: None Provided
Suite #116 & 117
Melissa Mendez
Services/Specialties: waxing ,tanning
Phone: 952-228-8817
Email: bodydesignbymimi@gmail.com
Suite #117
Nicole Olga Lukash
Services/Specialties: swedish, Deep Tissue
Phone: 6122031860
Email: olga29.75@mail.ru
Suite #119 & 120
Kalisha Larson
Services/Specialties: Hair extensions ,Eyelash Extensions
Phone: 612-251-3828
Email: empressofextensions@gmail.com
Suite #121
Email: keylollc@gmail.com
Suite #123
William McCreary
Phone: 6129861375
Email: None Provided
Suite #124
Alla Klyuch
Phone: 612-998-4087
Email: allaklyuch@gmail.com
Suite #125
Katelyn Firchau
Services/Specialties: facials, waxing
Email: waxpertise@gmail.com
Suite #125
Katelyn Wilson
Services/Specialties: cut
Phone: 9522205800
Email: None Provided
Suite #126
Theresa Akkanen
Services/Specialties: facials, botox, Chemical Peel, Skin Growth and Capillaries, Removal and Microdermabrasion, waxing, acne
Phone: 612-227-1107
Email: akkanent@yahoo.com
Suite #127
Alisha Wilke, M.A., Reiki Master
Phone: 651.503.9627
Email: alisha@empoweredpsyche.com
Suite #127
Dani Klath
Services/Specialties: facials, Chemical Peel, waxing ,swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone
Phone: 952-212-3751
Email: daniklath@yahoo.com
Suite #128
Versie Donaby - Master barber stylist
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color, relaxer ,Head Shaves, fades, Razor Fades, Facial Shaves
Phone: 612-236-5398
Email: V.donaby@yahoo.com
Suite #129
Kimberly Herrick
Services/Specialties: manicures, pedicures
Phone: 612-868-9971
Email: None Provided
Suite #131
Katie Sexton
Phone: 612-756-6122
Email: None Provided
Suite #132
Yasmin Miguel
Services/Specialties: facials, Chemical Peel, waxing, acne, Essential Oils Therapy
Phone: 651 410 9789
Email: yasmin.esthi@hotmail.com
Suite #133
Cedric Naylor
Phone: 763-377-2280
Email: None Provided
Suite #135
Tessa Maldonado Hair
Services/Specialties: cut
Email: None Provided
Suite #135
Kang Her
Services/Specialties: Eyelash Extensions
Phone: 763-439-2156
Email: herlashes1@gmail.com
Suite #136
Charity Ritchie
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color, relaxer, Corrective color, balayage, ombre ,manicures, pedicures, polish ,waxing
Phone: 612-501-1988
Email: charity@theparlorroom.net
Suite #136
Tony Risso
Email: None Provided
Suite #137
MJ Evans
Services/Specialties: cut
Phone: 6128752412
Email: mjevansbeauty@gmail.com
Suite #137
Kelly LaPointe
Services/Specialties: cut, style, color, Hair extensions, Special occasion, Corrective color, balayage, ombre
Phone: 612-964-3835
Email: None Provided