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January 21, 2019- Tip of the Week featuring Gina Rivera

Sherrie Wilson

Here’s my Tips of the Week for wearing hair that is trending in 2019:

-The shinier the better

-Texture are in the forefront. Hint: Wear a lot of layers to make this happen

– Pixies and Bobs with straighter lines are the way to go.

– Bangs from long, to side swept, jagged, and textured will well.

-Men’s hair will be much longer, even shorter styles will be worn long on the top.

-Beards remain fashionable.

-Deep strawberry tones will be popular for pastel hair colors. Multiple shades of pastels can also be worn in one style.

-Soft baby lights will be prevalent along with root smudging. Both will occur further down the hairs haft rather than close to the crown.