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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on the Best Hair Accessories and Tips for Travel

Amelia Fulgentes

Here comes summer! “Woo, hooo!” Time to do some traveling. Here is a list of my favorite accessories for going casual (or formal) almost anywhere under the sun:

• Bobby pins. These are great for, of course, pinning down hair, particularly small sections. We all know this but then forget to pack them. What we also forget is that, in addition to managing hair poolside, the humble and discreet bobby pin is our best friend for creating a wildly romantic updo and other formal looks.

• Hair ties or holds for ponytails and braids. If you’ve got a bob or anything longer, you will want to pull it back into a ponytail. Have some different sizes, in case you want to do a thin accent braid without a bulky tie on the end.

• Hair clips. The variety is endless. They come in many different sizes and adorned with everything from rhinestones to little toy geckos. They are cheap, easy to pack and about the quickest hair fix you can get, making them perfect for travel.

• Hats and baseball caps. Protect yourself, including your hair, from the sun. Get a baseball cap with a hole in back above the adjustment strap for making a quick ponytail. With the right earrings and lipstick, baseball caps can be very sexy.

• A simple elastic headband is great for managing a bob during a short run, but the variety is endless with lots of more formal styles that are very affordable.

In addition to accessories, bring your own conditioners, shampoos and other favorite hair products from home – if you fly with carry-on luggage, don’t forget to put these in small, plane-approved sizes for travel.

When you get back home, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo or homemade mix of water and baking soda. You’ll expose your hair to lots of different chemicals, dirt and hard water when you travel. A clarifying shampoo will get all this cleaned out. Follow with a favorite conditioner and nourishing oil.

Love change, love travel! The goal of a vacation is to get outside the day-to-day box, to see something different, and to ‘be’ something different! Start with a different hairstyle.