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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Loose, Casual Hairstyles Are Big for Prom Season

Amelia Fulgentes

Prom season is here and it’s exciting this year because what we thought was just throwing our hair up when we rolled out of bed to get coffee or go to the gym, is now the new trend for formal looks. All these styles need is just a little finishing.

Let’s start with the top knot or top bun. There is really no right or wrong way to create this look, so have some fun, comb all of your hair up to the top of the head, create a ponytail and twist the hair in a circular motion and pin close to the scalp. No worries if it isn’t perfect, because that’s part of the look. All those little pieces of hair that don’t want to behave, or ends that don’t want to tuck into that perfect bun, let them stick out! Leave them be!

I personally feel it adds a bit of class to add some edginess. You can pull some hair up in a top knot on the very top of your head, or you can even pull a section straight back and create a bun in the middle of the head. You can do your top knots loose or tight. Try different looks. Wear different looks. No rules.

The variety of braids are completely endless. You can absolutely do anything with a braid. You can use it as a natural head band or crown. Even if you decide to wear your hair down in a more natural look with some soft waves. Try pulling a section of hair to one side and braid from the nape down. The possibilities are endless. Again, there is no wrong way to utilize a braid. Be creative.

Try a fish tail braid or a simple twist, remembering there are no rules.

As far as hair accessories go, ribbons are making a comeback. You can actually take a piece of ribbon and braid it into the hair. Just treat it like a section of your own hair when braiding and twisting. Barrettes and clips with some bling are great for the prom season.

Icy pastel colors are a fun way to spice up you look. You can go with just about any color from blue to pink, green and, “yes,” grey. Just always make sure you get with your stylist when you are doing a rainbow of colors. They can help you chose colors that match your skin tone.

Hair accessories with sparkle are big. They come in just about every color and don’t be afraid to break the rules. You don’t have to just use one pin. Use several right in a row down the side of your head or just put them sporadically throughout your style.

Don’t forget the timeless, soft wave. That a remains a strong player, even in the season of updos. Just remember that everything is very loose this season. Braids are loose. Twists are loose. Curls are loose. So when you work with these looks, use very little tension in the hair.

Have a great prom. Love change!