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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Elegant Oscars Give Us Everyday Hairstyles

Amelia Fulgentes

Kudos for all the beautiful hair at the Oscars, continuing a trend from the Grammys with cuts and colors moving to the forefront of fashion on stage with a lot of natural, but finished and modern looks that could easily be worn for everyday styles on the streets now.

Nearly anything at these recent, pinnacle events could be duplicated at home with simple hair bands, bobby pins, flat iron and a blow dryer. Even on the go, many of these styles work particularly well moving from work to evening party.

We’ve seen a lot of action lately in the red colors, which have been moving toward the warm coppery tones. At the recent Grammys, fearless Lady Gaga wore her hair orange-red for her tribute to David Bowie. Two weeks later at the Oscars she’s back to blonde. Others, meanwhile, fueled the trend toward coppery reds including Sophie Turner, Julianne Moore and Amy Poehler.

Jennifer Lawrence stood out in my mind. She has been a few different shades in her career from rich browns with longer soft waves to the blonde lob, and the longer A-line bob like the one she wore at the Oscars. Bobs and lobs remain strong trends, in part because they can be done in so many styles. There is no ‘one’ bob.

Charlize Theron walked the red carpet with a classic asymmetrical cut, a very sophisticated look and so dramatic. Sofia Vergara went with a sleek finish with her hair pulled back tight and a center part and dark, dark, dark! This was very different from the softer cuts and colors she’s worn with recently.

It was great to see Andra Day with her beautiful face and spirit at the Grammys and then the Oscars where she wore her hair in soft finger waves with one side tucked behind her ear for a 1940s flare, one of my favorite retro looks. Day does this period style really well.

Cate Blanchett went with a shorter bob than typical for her, just hitting below the ear with one side swept behind the ear. Rooney Mara went with a very tight slick-back knot for a more dramatic, severe appearance, but one that was fitting for her overall look. Reese Witherspoon looked amazing, effortlessly so. Her hair seemed longer than I have seen it in a while with very soft waves she looked so beautiful.