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Gina Rivera’s Tip of the Week 12.16.19

Kristin Duim

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Phenix Founder & Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera’s Tip of the Week:

The holiday season is such a busy time from managing your workload to obligations with family and friends. However, don’t forget that when you’re your best, you are also your best for others. Here’s some tips to keep in mind for taking care of yourself during this busy time of year.

• Allow yourself permission to decline attending events as well as hosting them if you are overwhelmed.

• Consider ordering in or utilizing the deli after a long work day. This can help you to battle exhaustion and free up some cooking time to do other things.

• Build in some open time on your appointment book to take care of personal items or just so there is some breathing room.

• Make yourself a budget and stick to it. This will help to keep you on track and reduce worry about overspending.

• Maintain your normal sleep, exercise and eating patterns. This is important for keeping your body at its optimum.

• Enlist support from others if needed. This may be for childcare, cleaning or a variety of other tasks.

*Get something fun on your calendar that you can look forward to after the holidays and busy season is over. This will help you to maintain a positive mind set.