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Gina Rivera’s Tip of the Week 10.27.19

Here’s my Tip of the Week for those who suffer from thinning hair.


-Bobs are always terrific for thinning hair because they provide the illusion of thicker hair.

-Go with a blunter cut to create fullness.

-Stay away from longer, straighter, hair styles that may make the thinning hair more apparent.

– Utilize a style with a deeper part to hide thin areas on the scalp.

– Try a pixie cut to create a lot of texture and movement which is great for creating an impression of fullness.

– Preventing further damage by limiting use of hats, hair ties, and anything that pulls hard on the hair and scalp.

– Utilize infrared tools to prevent additional damage. (I recommend Tools by Gina that utilize smart infrared technology.)

– Eat a good diet that is rich in protein.

– Use styling products that allow you to move and place the hair where you need to cover thinning hair spots.

– Always make sure to dry the hair thoroughly to avoid it lying flat which can emphasize thinning.

– Use a good professional shampoo and conditioner. (I recommend BioGen Complex By Gina)