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Feb 26, 2016: Gina Rivera Tip of the Week

Amelia Fulgentes
Here’s my Tip of the Week: Several times I have been asked what the key to being successful is. While it’s difficult to attribute success to just one item, I certainly can tell you that being kind to others has been fundamentally important to my own journey.

Being kind is not just our moral responsibility, it’s also crucial to building relationships. When you treat others kindly, you develop an authentic bond of respect and trust that is impossible to duplicate.

Being kind is also important when making first impressions. As many of you know, recently I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the GRAMMYs. I had the fortune to meet many incredibly talented musicians and performers. However, I was repeatedly most impressed by those that took the time to be genuinely sincere and kind with those they came in contact with regardless of their super stardom. Talent is something to be proud of, but character brings a person’s game to a whole new level.

Showing kindness doesn’t have to extravagant. It doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money or perform a dramatic public act. It can be simple but impactful. For me, I like to hug people when I greet them or say goodbye to them. This is one of the ways I show kindness. I realize hugging may not be everyone’s thing and that’s ok.

Here’s a few ideas that may work to get you started; open the door for someone, offer your seat to a person, compliment someone. If it’s an employee, let them know they are doing a good job and you appreciate them. Praise someone in front of others. My husband Jason, also my CEO, does an excellent job of this, he never misses the opportunity to recognize and praise our staff at corporate trainings.

Kindness can serve as a gateway to building strong relationships which in the long run can lead to limitless opportunities. The other benefits are equally important, you will plant a seed with others inspiring them to be kind and you will also feel better about yourself. A big hug to all of you!